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Welcome to our new message board.  I'm looking forward to answering your challenging questions about taxes and basic financial planning.

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Hello Andrew, this is my first year as a realtor and had a couple of questions.  I am a full time civil engineer and a realtor on the side.  I havent paid taxes on my commission checks as of yet (total around $8,000) and was wondering what forms i need to fill out and what tips you can give me that can reduce my taxes this year.  My background is that i was married last year and we had our first kid in June of 2006. Thanks for your time and answers.

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I think a good place to start would be one of our other sites, which we set up specifically for real estate professionals.  The site is, or


A lot of the basic information is in there.  I will also post an article that we wrote last December for realtors looking to cut their tax bill.

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